What's New?
  • MyMedWall releasing Triage wizard in partner with DSHI systems on September 16th on 2013. This will allow triaging a medical symptom as well disease education as well symptom checker.
  • MyMedWall announces the release of community Health and allied directory services. This is a six phase project. We are at ground zero – where providers and organizations can register and get their profile ready for the directory. Phase 1 is set to release on October 2nd 2013.This will allow consumers to search for their providers from physicians to dentists to assisted living to new health insurance. Phase 2- 5 are proprietary and will be announced as we launch. Phase 5 will bring mobile tele health a reality.
  • Mymedwall announces the Person centered virtual medical home. This will focus on all five key areas of person centered medical home like patient centeredness, Comprehensive care, Co-ordinated care, Superb access to care and a system based approach to quality and safety virtually through its different modules.
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FAQ - Patients/Consumers
Is My Data Secured?
Yes. Our security is like your bank account access, well protected
Will My Data be Sold?
No, your data is secured and your privacy and identity will never be sold. That’s why we don’t even track your social security number.
How do I know my healthcare providers are real?
All physicians are matched through NPI and organizations are matched through Tax ID
Are the services Free?
Yes, all the basic services are and always WILL BE FREE. Please refer to our products and services. But it can be much more advanced if your physicians and other healthcare providers, like your home health, assisted living, and others come on line from the provider side we can then make this your virtual medical home, where all those services come to you. Please recommend this to your provider.
What benefits do I get as a patient?
MyMedWall helps you store, maintain and exchange secured online medical data, thus helping you take control of your health and be the best advocate for yourself and loved ones. MyMedWall brings your providers to you and allows you to participate in educational forums and support groups that promote health and wellness. In addition, resources are readily available through the community health and allied services resource directory.
How do I register in Mymedwall?
Select the category you belong to under new user sign up. (If you have new user ID from your provider then use it under existing user sign in). It will walk you through the steps as you register. Once registration is done, if applicable, it may ask you whether you would like to register as a person as well to be part of an exchange. If you registered as a person this question will not pop up. Once registration is completed under the category as a person, you will be taken to your medical history section which you will walk through step by step.
How do I use Openings Section?
Openings main purpose is to give that personal touch, education, branding marketing and professional networking. For all except person registration, you will see a profile header. This header allows you to capture information based on your category like Hospital, health plan and so forth. Connections help you to people/Organization in network as well group people based on category. Forums are for public where they can see what others think, read articles and blog under a secured environment.
How do I use my medical history section?

Medical History will take you to different sections like insurance information, medical history, Medication list, allergies and so forth. In the Labs / Radiology section you can upload lab results or if your providers are connected to you, you will see their site link there and you can click on it to access your labs.

My Messages section will be seen only if your provider is connected to you through MyMedWall and it will allow you to send and receive secured messages, request refills and appointments. Test/Data entry will allow you to capture and store weights, BP, Accucheks and if your provider is connected to you, you can electronically send it as a flow chart.

My Health Diary allows you to keep a diary of health events.

My Sharing allows you to see if your provider is on the exchange network (This is different than being connected to you on MyMedWall).If they are on the network, you can allow them access to your medical history and labs in real time.

CCD Import allows you to auto upload the electronic data you received from your provider to your Records. CCD Export allows you to give electronic data that can be imported directly into the provider’s record.

How Do I invite others to join in Mymedwall?

Two ways you can do it.

1. Invite new users to MyMedWall under openings. MyMedWall allows you to load all the contact emails with a comma in between each, and enter the subject and a personalized message. We will deliver to them with a personalized message.

2. Invite others to join your MyMedWall network - This you will see on the top of your MyMedWall page that will allow you to create user names for your connections individually. Once they log in they will be automatically connected to you.

How do I participate in Campaigns/Support groups?

Anyone can start Campaigns / Support Group and invite people to join using their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email or through MyMedWall postings.

If you will like to join one of the existing groups you enter by clicking Join. If it is a closed group, you need to wait until the moderator approves you. If not you will see a sign in button on the top and can enter into the virtual group.