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  • MyMedWall releasing Triage wizard in partner with DSHI systems on September 16th on 2013. This will allow triaging a medical symptom as well disease education as well symptom checker.
  • MyMedWall announces the release of community Health and allied directory services. This is a six phase project. We are at ground zero – where providers and organizations can register and get their profile ready for the directory. Phase 1 is set to release on October 2nd 2013.This will allow consumers to search for their providers from physicians to dentists to assisted living to new health insurance. Phase 2- 5 are proprietary and will be announced as we launch. Phase 5 will bring mobile tele health a reality.
  • Mymedwall announces the Person centered virtual medical home. This will focus on all five key areas of person centered medical home like patient centeredness, Comprehensive care, Co-ordinated care, Superb access to care and a system based approach to quality and safety virtually through its different modules.
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Our Team

Geetha Priyanka MD - Chief Executive officer

She is an Internist with 14 years of experience as a primary care physician and 11 years of background in health care software as the medical director for Doctors Partner Electronic Medical Record system and the Sushoo Health Information Exchange. She has a great passion for the patients and has been the winner of "Patient choice award" five years in a row as well "The most compassionate physician award" 2 years in a row.

Naveen Venkatachalam - Chief Technology Officer

He has an extensive IT background for 18 years which includes 11 years of experience in medical software solutions including Electronic Medical Records, Health Information Exchange, and Personal Health Records. Naveen has led the development and launch of the successful Doctors Partner Electronic Medical Record system and the Sushoo Health Information Exchange

April Peterson - Business Development

April has over 20 years of healthcare experience in different aspects of healthcare that includes IPAs, Health plans, and Healthcare ancillary services as well the Physicians office. Her understanding of the Industry needs, developed as a passion for MyMedWall and wears multiple hats including bringing the communities together with MyMedWall

Our Physician Advisory Board
Dr. Ananthi Ratinam - Pediatric Neurologist
Dr. Boris Havkin - Urologist
Dr. Chris Edwards - Dentist
Dr. Gonzalo Valdiva - Orthopedics
Dr. Lance Grenevicki - Oral /Maxillofacial surgeon
Dr. Parwati Maddali - Psychiatrist
Dr. Regine Pappas - Ophthalmologist
Dr. Rick Ramnath - Surgery
Dr. Stacy Davis - Rheumatologist
Victoria Harwood - Psychologist
Jamie Wheeler - Skilled Nursing Expert
Virginia Woods - Assisted Living Expert
Don Spalding - Gerontologist
Our Patient Advisory Board Members
Ms. Lisa Silva
Ms. Susan Cannon
Ms.Michelle Hammond
Mr. Michael Bauman
Mr.Edward Chmiel
Mr.Thiers warren
Our Business Advisory Board
Mr. Hunter Gaylor – CEO, Glass light technology
Mr. Ken Peach - Executive Director Health Council of East Central Florida, Inc.